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Mr. Magorium is a Time Lord
Eccentric man, over 200 years old, can do unbelievable things, owns a self-aware place that's bigger on the inside? The odd thing is that he chooses to leave without his TARDIS.
  • Probably he's on his very last regeneration. Also, don't forget he's got a companion in Molly.
  • Of all the WMG Time Lords I've seen on this site, this one by far makes the most sense
    • My bet? He's a retired Doctor. Friend to All Children, Cloudcuckoolander, has an unusually emotionally intimate relationship with his TARDIS? C'mon. Besides, you know what River says about good wizards in fairy tales, which kinda fits.

Eric is an Unreliable Narrator.
Mr. Magorium was an old man who ran a large toy store who ultimately died, and Mahoney slowly found it within herself to take his place. There is no actual magic, that was just something Eric (who's narrating) added to the story to make it more interesting.

This film is actually a prequel to Black Swan.
Molly Mahoney is a cashier working at a completely normal toy store, but she is actually completely schizophrenic and hallucinates all of the magic. After the events of the film, she gets in trouble, possibly people find out the truth about her and try to have her convicted, but she changes her name to Nina Sayers and moves back in with her mother. She starts taking up dancing, but those hallucinations will not stay gone for good...


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