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Akuta, of all people, will pull a Big Damn Heroes moment.

By saving our heroes from the attack of the Mahou Shoujo Summoner with the help of the nifty wand he got possession of. Of course, then he will probably turn the wand on the group and demand "payment"...

Akuta can use a wand because of his contact with a destroyed Mahou Shoujo's "ashes".

Tsukune's father's surgical talent has something to do with the Magical Girls.

Come on, you have an army of magical girls who look like freaks of nature and are apparently created, and you have a man who constantly pushes back the limits of science and is known for his insane surgical skills. "The Hand of God", no less. It's pretty easy to put two and two together, no?

Akuta will be the final antagonist of the manga.

He's already taking levels in Badass, and let's not forget that even though he is for now very roughly on the side of good, the guy is a psycho and a rapist with a taste for power.

The Magical Girls are actually Human Aliens
Sent by Eldritch Abominations to prepare the earth for the moment the stars align, the crossover is the culmination of their plans

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