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Seimei is actually Voldemort

Seimei and Ritsuka switched personalities
The Ritsuka as he was when he was younger sounds more like how Seimei was seen by Ritsuka. Ritsuka also being called Loveless now when he is actually liked by many, and Seimei being called beloved although more people hate him, would also be explained if they had simply switched; that being why Loveless hasn't appeared on Ritsuka.

The entire series is an illusion created by Seimei
  • Ritsuka is actually dreaming everything, while Seimei is making everything unfold as he sees fit.
    • So Ritsuka's actually in a coma, which is why he doesn't remember anything from the past ten years.

Yuiko is the true Loveless Fighter
  • Because.
  • Also to see all of the lovely Internet Backdraft among the more rabid Yaoi Fangirls.
  • Fighters are automatically attracted to their sacrifice, right? On the first day of school, she was the one who came to him and became close friends with him. Ritsuka also seems anti-social, but he stood up for her when she was being bullied. Also, when she was talking to their teacher, she said that she would be willing to die for him. Although it could seem that it's just a childhood crush, it still seems like something most 12-year-olds would be saying.
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  • This theory gets my wholehearted approval if only because it made me spit soda laughing. What a way that would be to stick it to the fans!
  • The Tokyopop translation of the manga focused on one of the omake stories, where Yuiko (normally a champion at rock-paper-scissors) lost to Ristuka after he promised to do whatever she said. The translator noted that in doing so, Yuiko showed that she would be an excellent Fighter unit.
  • I'm a huge yaoi fan, and I can't express how much I love this theory. I've always loved Yuiko, and I really wouldn't mind if she turned out to be the Loveless Fighter. Besides, who can argue with facts? A twelve year old girl said she would die to protect a boy she barely knew.

Everyone in the Loveless world reproduces asexually
  • Most of the adults we see seem to still have their ears. So where are more kids coming from, if the adults are still virgins? Obviously they either go through grand-scale cellular mitosis or create new children in test tubes.
    • Also, it allows for the more progressive pairings. It's possible for people of the same gender, even those who are related, to reproduce, because they just have to visit a lab for a new baby.
      • You know, of course, that this brings up the possibility of Ritsuka being Beloved's son.
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  • Fake ears?
  • Who we see does not equal the standard demographic. Basically, we see a lot of virgins because that is who the series has as main characters, and the average normal adult is de-eared.
    • Going by this, if you pay attention to the people in the background, most of them are de-eared.

Soubi is Ritsuka's imaginary friend
  • In the beginning of the series, it shows Ritsuka as a lonely 12 year old with abusive parents
  • Loveless focuses on the power of the mind

The "Wisdom Resurrection" game from the Mind Screw anime ending was actually a hypnotism engine made by Minami Ritsu and used by Seimei.
  • The final episode itself shows Minami Ritsu working on something in the computer. On what was he working?
  • Ritsu has more than enough people in his "company" or whatever to create some very basic graphics and some simplistic MMORPG ripoff in case someone does not get properly hypnotized.
  • It would explain the final Mind Screw of an ending as a hypnotically-induced hallucination created by Seimei through the use of Minami Ritsu's engine. It would also prove Seimei to be as much of a Manipulative Bastard as he is in the manga.
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  • When Soubi burns away inside the illusion after Ritsuka's reply, for a second you can see Seimei's face instead of Soubi's. That almost totally proves that the final Mind Screw is Seimei's work (even if the game engine is not by Minami Ritsu) and it hints that Soubi would have never done what he says inside the illusion.
  • I know it's different in the manga, I'm trying to somehow explain the Gecko Ending of the anime, which was psychologically awesome but a huge Mind Screw that came out of nowhere.

The corpse Seimei used to fake his death was the Loveless fighter.
  • Because it makes too much sense!

Ritsuka's true name is written on his tongue.
  • A Fighter and a Sacrifice have their true name written in the same spot on their body, and they gain more strength with their names touch. Throughout the series it's shown during battles that both Soubi and Ritsuka have a tighter "bond" when they kiss, and sharing a kiss usually leads to victory. This is probably because the name "Loveless" is written on Ritsuka's tongue, as it's not yet been shown anywhere else on his body. This would make Soubi then his true Fighter, as it's already been established that he was never meant to be Seimei's Fighter.

Seimei is all that Ritsuka believes him to be.
  • Going off of a theory I saw above. Seimei switched his and Ritsuka's personalities. He was all that Ritsuka had described him to be, a kind, loving individual, and Ritsuka was the uncaring psychopath. Seimei loved Ritsuka so much, that he somehow switched their personalities, taking on the evil personality for Ritsuka. He then wiped Ritsuka's memories of his life before, because he didn't want the new, kind Ritsuka to remember what he was like before. The true names haven't been wrong before, (so I've seen) so why would they make such a big mistake as calling Seimei, a psychopath, Beloved, and Ritsuka, a kind child, Loveless? Answer, the names aren't wrong.

  • As for how Seimei pulled off the mind wipe, I don't know how, but I do have proof that he has this ability. (At least I think I do) In book 12, we are shown much more of Nisei's past, and a previous girlfriend gets mentioned. Nisei point out that when she was brought up, of course, he recalled her name. I thought it was strange that this was brought up, but now, I think I'm recalling that either before or after this, he had mentioned this previous girlfriend, and how he didn't even remember her name anymore. (That or I read it in a fanfiction) So, I think Seimei erased Nisei's memory too. If I'm wrong about this Nisei stuff, and just remembering things out of nowhere, correct me, and I'll edit accordingly. But even if my proof doesn't exist, I still stick by my theory. Seimei was the kind, loving brother Ritsuka thought him to be, and Ritsuka was the evil one.

And even if it's not true, wouldn't it make a good fanfiction?


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