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Wild Mass Guessing page for the Killzone Series

The Rico and Jan in Killzone 2 are Shadow Marshall imposters

The real Rico and Jan became Shadow Marshalls like Luger, going to sabotage and destroy Helghast defenses behind the scenes. That's why Jan and Rico look so different and sound different.

Jorhan Stahl will make his grand reappearance by the near end of Shadow Fall

Since its heavily implied that he survived his cruisers destruction, he will return in Shadow Fall along with a huge fleet of Helghast ships and take over Vekta.

Though where this fleet came from you might ask ? He secretly built a reserve fleet and sent them far from the eyes and ears of Helghast not loyal to him.

  • Alternatively, there was a second planet inhabited by the Helghast and kept hidden from the ISA and UCN and secretly rebuilt their strength for the last 30 years when the ISA and UCN all thought that the Helghast threat was destroyed for good. And Stahl is they're new Autarch !

Confirmed, though YMMV on how "grand" it is.

Sev and Co. became subject to a court-martial after returning to Vekta.

Aside from the fact they, albeit unintentionally, contributed to the deaths of millions of Helghast, they are technically in violation of the ISA's direct order for a ceasefire at the time.

The Helghast will come out victorious in Shadow Fall.

  • Or they will agree to make peace with the ISA. Either way, they can't afford to lose again.

The Helghast in Shadow Fall are biding their time

  • They are in peace talks with the Vektans and in conflict with the black hand because of pragmatic villainy. They are regrowing their military and creating more deadlier weapons and machines, and their diplomatic treaty is a way to hold off any conflicts until the time is right. They also seek to destroy the black hand because the radicals are trying to instigate a war that they do not intend to restart just yet.


Shadow Fall will have two ending

Judging by the leaked trophies, two in particular "The Destroyer" and "The Savior", there will be a choice where the player can allow the ISA and Helghast to restart the war and continue to destroy themselves, or bring peace (or another truce) to both sides.
  • Jossed. The Destroyer is given for the last chapter played as Kellan. The Savior for the mid credits chapter played as Echo.

Helghast is Krieg

While this conjecture is made without having played any of the games, the story elements of Helghast and the planet of Krieg seem to bear some similarities—such as the nuclear annihilation visited upon it. Kriegan Imperial Guard troops are all Gas Mask Mooks like the Helghast. Granted, the similarities seem superficial otherwise.

Technology isn't the only thing the UCN is holding back from the ISA.

Chances are, UCN troopers have better training than ISA and Helghast ones. Compare how, as Sev, you always fight as a squad or with a friend. And then, there's Danner, a former UCN soldier turned mercenary, who is the very reason the ISA managed to get their foots on Helghan, and he did all of it on his own.

Sinclair let the Black Hand bomb his HQ.

I doubt that the Head of Vekta's intelligence agency would be so incompetent as to unaware of such a scheme. More likely he simply allowed it to happen so he could drive up tensions, and deport everyone with Helghast roots. The people who died are simply a means to an end.

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