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Kogarashi and Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka's Sugishita-sensei are one and the same
Both have long, spiky black hair and the same voice. Sugishita-sensei mentions that he wanted to be a fighter pilot and has a motorcycle that he works on in his apartment. These are the traits a badass like Kogarashi is likely to have. We never have seen Kogarashi without his mask, but he'd probably look like Sugishita if he did. Finally, from who else would Karen get the idea to cook with a panda?

Kousuke will become the next Maid Guy
Well, he goes from overweight H-game enthusiast to Bishōnen pretty damned quickly in that one episode (of course, he snaps back just as quickly); maybe if he was looking to put on crazy muscles it would work just as quickly. He has an admitted love for Meido. The main reason I'm putting this here, though, is 'cos in the last episode where Kogarashi disguises himself as Kousuke, my first thought when his eyes started glowing was "Awesome, Kousuke has been training to be a Maid Guy!" Sure, it made more sense for it to actually be Kogarashi (okay, Kogarashi disguising himself convincingly as Kousuke doesn't make that much sense, but he does a lot of other stuff that makes even less sense... Rule of Cool / Rule of Funny), but I was still kind of disappointed.

GOD is Maruboro Akai
What? Don't look at me like that. It's entirely possible that GOD is just Maruboro Akai's Author Avatar


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