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T. rex Hunters and Raptors Vs. T. rex feature the same individual tyrannosaur, and both episodes take place within an hour of each other.
The mother Tyrannosaurus left her two offspring while she went off to hunt. She found the Edmontosaurus that the Dromaeosaurus pack killed and took its head and torso, leaving the tail for the raptors. While she was gone, a Nanotyrannus attacked her offspring, killing one. When the mother tyrannosaur returned, she dropped the dead hadrosaur outside her territory and killed the Nanotyrannus. After snuggling with her remaining offspring, she brought the carcass back to her territory for her and her offspring to share.

In Hunter Becomes Hunted, the ultimate result was a Mutual Kill.
While the Allosaurus did manage to kill the male and female Ceratosaurus outright, it suffered both a large gash across its face and deep bite to the neck by the male Ceratosaurus. The story line also mentions an Allosaurus skeleton being found at the site close to the Ceratosaurus pair. This means the Allosaurus may have died of infection or blood loss after killing the last of the intruders.

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