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YMMV / Jurassic Fight Club

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Subjectively, this series contains examples of:

  • Narm: Quite a bit of it in the fight scenes (especially the short-faced bear vs. American lion fight), as well as George Blasing's uses of "he" when describing prehistoric species and repeatedly referring to the the "little Gastonia" (which in real life was over sixteen feet long and weighed about two tons, making it heavier than the Utahraptor it was fighting and only marginally smaller)
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  • Nightmare Fuel: Several of the Gorny fight scenes.
  • Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: The basic premise of the series.
  • Uncanny Valley: The Dromaeosaurus. Their faces are vaguely humanlike.
    • The short-faced bear model has huge, unrealistic eyes that look wrong.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome/Special Effect Failure: The show's CGI is mostly the former, but falls into the latter with the American Lion and Short-Faced Bear, inevitable given the show's budget and that fur is extremely difficult to animate.

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