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Act of God is Darkseid's fault.
He finally found the Anti-Life Equation, but rather than depriving the joy and free will of the denizens of Earth like he usually would, he instead caused the Black Light, which ended up making superpowered heroes and others into regular, but mostly really stupid people, ridding them of their superpowers and brains, granting him a major advantage for him and his Apokolips forces next time they strike Earth.

And nothing of value would be lost when he does.

Sure, it seemingly didn't work on Batman...but it did. It just only kicks in when it's Miller Time.

  • I bet Darkseid and Granny Goodness are out there laughing their butts off at their misery and stupidity.

This universe's God is doing this out of jealousy
This Elseworld God has an enormous ego. He is far different from our God. This one want the humans to worship only him. He refuse to share the spotlight with other "gods", so he zapped away their powers to make himself the only powerful one.

Any surviving Brought Down to Normal superheroes will either re-gain their powers years later after the ending, or find technology/magic from various sources to sustitute for said former powers.

Wonder Woman is human. Magic was just used in her creation and powers
Magic was only present in the transformation from clay to human. It was not required to keep the clay alive after that. Wonder Woman's powers were known to be blessings of the gods. This is why Wonder Woman remained alive, but her powers were gone in the absence of magic.

Any surviving Brought Down to Normal superheroes will re-gain their powers.... ONLY thanks to magical means to gods from different mythologies.

The Anti-Life Equation Was Wiped Out With the Powers
While WHAT the Ant-Life Equation is has always been vague, at best, it's always been stated that pieces of it reside in certain humans. That could be akin to a super power or magic of sorts. The reason Darkseid doesn't come is because is main interest in Earth is gone and it's no different from any other world.

Alternatively, the Anti-Life Equation is still dormant in people, waiting to be put together and solved
And ironically, it will take the super-powered superheroes being re-powered by magic from polytheistic gods of various pantheons in order to stop the chaos caused by the Anti-Life Equation.

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