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Headscratchers / JLA: Act of God

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  • Are only the characters on earth affected by this strange phenomena, or was the entire universe affected? What about Darkseid and the New Gods?
    • The New Gods are all Anthropomorphic Personification of ideals, Darkseid in particular being tyranny and anti life. They are literal deities. But Doug Moench probably doesn't understand that since there is a colossal lack of research on most characters in this story.
  • Let me get this straight, God is punishing the super beings on earth for being arrogant, but doesn't have a problem when the super beings are killing innocent humans? A person's arrogance is more important than Joker gassing an entire city?
    • Well you don't need superpower to stop Joker. If superpowers are gone for everyone then the only reason the villain would have an edge is by bad writing or every law enforcer being so complacent they can't find a clown in make up and arrest him for good.
      • So... Since the Bat-family by and large don't have any superpowers, and The Joker tends to manage just fine against both regular law enforcement and even powered adversaries... Business as usual for him, then (there's a REASON the name of the relevant trope here is Joker Immunity). Also, if it took someone as powerful as Superman to stop Lex Luthor before... Well, who's gonna stop him now? Bats tends to have his hands full with Gotham and League duty, and it's going to be even worse now that he has to lead a League that is both severely underpowered and understrength compared to what it was, even if technically there are no more superpowered villains to deal with (can you even imagine the kind of ruthless criminals and maniacs will rise up to fill the power vacuum?).
      • I shouldn't have used Joker as an example. My point is, God is okay with super villains terrorizing people on earth, but it's their arrogance is what made him strip everyone's powers away. If a god is behind this, you mean to tell me he waited hundreds of years to finally depower them?!

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