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Fury is a Tabletop Game seen from the POV of the toy soldiers
Much has been made of the realism and accuracy of this movie, but experts will still nitpick. Any inaccuracies seen on screen are due to the rules and the dice rolls in the game. At the end, the players clean up and put the toy soldiers back in the box.
  • Man, the dice were not in the German soldier's favor for most of the last bit.
  • What was going on in the whole scene with Irma and Emma then? I've done a fair amount of tabletop wargaming, and I don't recall any that had rules for that.
  • Probably just generic "give troops some R&R" activity. Some sequential campaign wargames include rules for giving troops downtime between battles.
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  • The fact that Coon-Ass mentions that God might have a "big pair of dice" that put "snake eyes" on everyone but them after the Tiger Tank battle is the closest information we're getting that this is confirmed.

Fury is a Super Prototype Sherman tank
Wardaddy and his crew was selected to test out new Sherman parts and got the M4A3E8 variant way ahead of its introduction period that was suppose to be in late 1944. They also get first dibs on experimental weapons like the "Supercharge" and White Phosphorus (smoke) rounds for the 76mm that shouldn't have existed for the common soldiers.

Fury (and Tiger 131) isn't the type of tank they picked to represent it in the film.
Recall that Wardaddy and his crew have apparently been in Fury since North Africa. While there were potentially 76mm-armed M4s as early as 1942, those never left the US mainland (the 76mm gun was the massive 3-inch M7, not the later M1). Furthermore, the first Shermans with 76mm guns reached Europe just in time to be left in Normandy - while it's possible that Fury's team was "re-crewed" to a 76mm tank, it's not likely as most tank crews preferred the 75mm's HE charge over the 76's AP. Furthermore, the photo clearly shows it's still the same tank. As well, there doesn't seem to be much the tank does (aforementioned smoke shells for the 76mm gun, struggling to penetrate a Tiger 1 from any appreciable distance and having to outflank it from close range) actually indicates that Fury isn't actually an M4 with a 76mm gun. Now, we can make some assumptions:

  • Fury isn't a 76mm armed tank, but is actually a 75mm armed tank (which WOULD struggle to some extent to kill a Tiger 1 frontally from longer distances) and,
  • Tiger 131 is supposed to be a King Tiger (when the movie was made, there wasn't a running King Tiger), and 131 is used as a stand in, plus the marketing for being the first movie made since the war to have a real Tiger in it, since the King Tiger WAS immune to the 76 from the front at long ranges (unless Fury has the special HVAP only Tank Destroyer battalions got). Between D-Day and V-E Day the US Army met regular Tigers thrice and they were mostly seen in the British sectors - the US Army mostly met King Tigers and Panthers, and any Tigers reported were either those, or Panzer 4s (see: Super Pershing's fight with a "King Tiger", a Panzer 4 misreported as a Tiger, and later stories turned it into a King Tiger).

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