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David will be Mistaken for Racist.
David is the kind of guy who would make various pointed glances and accusations towards people without really thinking it through. He's already put himself on Max's shit-list (and vice versa), so it is likely that he will make a few derogatory statements that could be mistaken for him being prejudice against supernaturals, thinking that Max is a threat to his family because she's a werewolf.

With the reveal that he isn't as bad as he seems in the canon story, odds are he will make various comments that would imply he knows that Max is a werewolf and he himself being anti-werewolf, only to later reveal that he actually knew werewolves when he was in the army and have nothing against them.

Alternatively, he would read up on Max's file when Max starts hanging around Chloe, make it clear that he knows that she is a werewolf, only to later elaborate that the reasons he has to suspect her have nothing to do with her being supernatural.


Kate's mother is insecure about being human.
It is never expressly stated if Kate herself is in any way supernatural, so it can safely be presumed that she herself is fully human. However, it is expressly stated that she has supernatural relatives, her father and sisters being angels and there being mention of golems and holy spirits being a part of her family.

Word of God confirms that the idea of angels, golems and holy spirits being inherently good and holy is just Cultural Posturing and that they are no better or worse than any other supernatural. However, Kate's family is very religious with Kate herself being the Token Religious Teammate of the canon's cast, so it is likely that her family actually does believe this to an extent.

It is never stated what her mom is, but considering Kate herself seems pretty human, it is likely that her mom is too. In-canon, Kate's mother was emotionally abusive to Kate when the video of her became viral, thinking that all blame falls on Kate and that she should "repent" for being "wicked", something that Kate's fragile emotional state did not need. Note: If you haven't placed the game yourself, do not bring up her mother. It will guarantee the Downer Ending.


Anyway, her family believes that angels are holy (and implicitly better than normal humans), so odds are Kate's mother has internalized the idea that she herself being human makes herself lesser than the rest of her family. Since Kate herself is human, she probably projects some of this hatred onto her to an extent. She would probably think that her husband and other daughters are the standard that Kate has to live up too and that Kate could even be on some level "unfixable". If she doesn't outright say these things to Kate's face, she could imply it, her Heel Realization coming should Kate attempt suicide.

Max will be outed to the rest of the school saving Kate's life.
In-canon, Max pushed her powers past their limit to make it to Kate and talks her down from doing it (if you do it right, anyway).

In the fanfic, Kate seems relatively fine for now, developing a group of friends among the likes of Max, Nathan and Chloe, but this could only be temporary. Eventually Kate will spiral into depression and eventually try to jump off of the roof of the dorms. Max has no time-powers, so it is likely that her enhanced physical abilities will make her fast enough to run there, strong enough to barrel her way through the doors, transform as she runs up the steps and, in a Crowning Moment of Awesome, jumps through one of the windows just as Kate's falling body falls past it, the fully-transformed Max catching her and holding onto her as her hulking body lands in-front of the many witnesses.


The story clarifies that while supernatural creatures are commonplace and there are even many students who themselves are supernatural, many of them suffer from Fantastic Racism, Max herself keeping her lycanthropism from being public knowledge because she suffered from this in Seattle. So while it is likely that some people will still think that Max is a hero and focus more on the "look, that werewolf just saved that girl's life" part, it is equally likely that a lot of misinformed people will act as though Max is a leper, trying to avoid her, making various off-handed comments directed at her and could even try to socially dismiss her, publishing articles in the school newspaper about how "werewolf student destroys school property. If your pets go missing, expect it to have been the werewolf who did it."


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