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Illua is an otherworlder like Luso, except she has been in Ivalice for a much longer time

Illua’s Grimoire, her desire for power, and her insistence that she’s the hero of the story would make a lot of sense for an otherworlder who chose to stay because she wanted to be special.

  • Like Luso, she has a Grimoire that brought her to Ivalice. In the other world, she would have been no one special: no powers, no Grimoire to record her tales, and no position of importance. In Ivalice, she can be as strong as she wants to be, hence her desire for power to set her apart from others and her belief that she’s the hero, because in Ivalice, she’s special and her story is significant.
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  • It would thematically fit the tone of the first Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and add another layer to the contrast between her and Luso – like Luso, she met up with Cid shortly after arriving in Ivalice, and underwent her own adventures with him as part of Khamja, just as Luso became part of Cid's new clan. Unlike Luso, who wants to get home to the people he cares about, Illua wants to be important and powerful in Ivalice; she would rather stay with Khamja and attempt to become a god than return to those she left behind.

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