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  • Adele robbing Luso and Cid from their horn in her introductory mission. Luso just shrugs, but as for Cid...
    Luso: Heh...who cares about some dusty old horn...right, Cid?
    Cid: I'LL KILL HER! You hear me!? KILL!!!.
    • What really makes it is that his previous lines before that was just "..."
    • They both pay her back for it. Cid gets her stuck in some kind of sticky trap using some rare loot as bait while later on, Luso tricks Adelle into thinking he's found a giant pearl only to throw a mudball at her when she asks to see it.
  • The Bonga Bugle Head Editor's side-quest line has many absolute howlers. From carefully sucking up to the owner of the paper to some of the Hypocritical Humor revolving around him, he never fails to amuse the player.
    • The quest for the month of Bloodfire involves him trying to interview the workers of Targ Wood's shop. However, this doesn't go to plan because the editor's antics(including trying to take home the dressing room curtain as a souvenir) caused the staff to flee. Luso ends up being forced to play shopkeeper, which he's not happy about.
    Luso: But that's so... fake!
    Head Editor: So, what's your problem!? Look, this is a shop, right? And you'll be selling stuff, right? Nothing fake about that! The customers will be happy, the shopkeep will be happy. I'll be happy... The readers will be happy! Ergo,everyone will be happy! ...Right!?
    Luso: Erm... You play this reporter thing fast and loose, don't you.
    • The quest for the month of Greenfire involves the player having to rout the enemy without breaking the law. What's hilarious is the fact the editor hired thieves to stage for the issue about upholding the law to not get robbed, judging by how the thief mumbles about looking serious.
    • The quest for the month of Ashleaf has you race to reach the P.R. representative of Galmia Pepe before rival papers do. If you reach them in time, the editor discovers he's misplaced his question sheet and can't remember what exactly he wanted to ask.
    • The quest for the month of Goldsun involves an interview with Prima Donna going astray because of a group of pirates that initially try to go after Prima Donna, but said clan decides to go and protect the
    • The published copies of the Bonga Bugle the player earns from completing his quests keep the merriment flowing with some real wit. For example, he takes photos of the inside of his lense cap when trying to do a photo op of scenic locations of Jylland, he falls into the holes he dug up while treasure hunting during the month of Goldsun, and manages to upset the girl band/battle clan celebrities Prima Donna enough that the ladies beat him up until he gets hospitalized.
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  • The last part of "Popocho's Chocobos" quest has you having to protect both Popocho and his chocobos from monsters. Popocho while crying for help ends up mispronouncing chocobo as chopopos...and he continues to mispronounce the name. By how the chocobos react, this is pretty common from him.
    Cid: So long as we can tell our Popochos from our chocobos, we should be fine.
  • The climax of a series of quests revolving around a goblin tribe going around stealing things and leaving mysterious notes behind is immensely humorous. When you confront the culprits, the choices to what the notes refer to are either very illegal or very amusing. The truth of the matter is that the goblins were hired to steal Prima Donna Merchandise. The culprit's tearful apologies and shock and horror at being found out only add to the hilarity, as does the resulting Curb-Stomp Battle.
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  • In "An Earnest Search", you're supposed to impersonate a philanderer who scheduled two dates with two different women at the same time, and the Gria girl you meet drops the news that he promised to read her a love poem. Cue hilariously overly dramatic music as Luso panics. All of the outcomes are hilarious, but if you actually decide to BS a poem on the spot, Luso hilariously stammers the whole time.
  • The pearl-gathering mission.
    Luso: Man, that thing is huge! We have to fight that?
    Adelle: Antlions are related to crabs, you know. I wonder if they taste delicious when baked.
    Luso: If you've gone completely insane, let me know now while we still have time to pull out.
  • The clan's first encounter with the Eldritch Abomination Neukhia. Not only do Luso and Adelle freak out at the sight of the thing, so does Cid, the man who used to work for one of the nastiest crime guilds in Jylland. And they're none too dignified about it either.
    Luso: Luso Clemens is the name, and fighting impossibly huge demonic hands is my game... *gulp*
  • When Frimelda is hurt by the potions she requested, Luso falls all over himself trying to tell her that she's a zombie, but tactfully.
    "No, you're alive! I mean, you wouldn't be standing here talking to us if you weren't! It's just that you don't look so... alive, y'know? Not that you look dead, or anything! ... More... kind of... UN-dead?"
  • The poor potion merchant who you have to protect several times. He freaks out every time a clan wants to buy his products and you see his sprite just spinning in circles. Another moment is when you find out that the people who have hired some monsters to steal Prima Donna merchandise is the Devotee and Devotee Jr.. When you beat them, your clan convinces them to try and be less enthusiastic about Prima Dona. The culprits' response? "WOOOO!!! LESS ENTHUSIASM!!!"

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