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  • In one particular quest in Final Fantasy Tactics A2, you have to shut down a swindler who sold bogus hammers for 20k gil, and Ezel (who you should know from Tactics Advance) shows up to give you the card that was meant for your mark - after bragging that it's worth 80k gil. So what does the card do? It's God Mode for your Judge - as Illua has the misfortune of finding out before the penultimate showdown at Delgantua, when her spell to banish your Judge is beaten off by Ezel's card like money was owed. Best 80k gil I never spent. Thanks, Ezel!
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  • The chain of sidequests with Bowen, who seeks to destroy a giant Cocaktrice that murdered his wife many years ago. You fight the bird several times with Bowen (hume Fighter), his Illusionist, and his Raptor. Each time you seemingly KO the bird, it flees. When you fight it for the last time, you arrive to find Bowen trying to fight it alone in a blind rage. When the battle begins, Bowen's allies arrive on the scene and a different battle music plays, which is the same one used in boss battles from Final Fantasy XII. The music is only the icing on the cake. When the boss' HP drops down to a certain amount, it tries to flee again, but your clan uses an item to keep it rooted to the ground so you can finish it off for good. After the fight is over, a touching scene plays out afterward and Bowen can finally rest, knowing his quest for revenge is over.
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  • In the Frimelda questline, the party discovers that she was zombified by her lover Luc Sardac, who envied her skill with the sword. Then they get a vaugely-worded quest from a man who wants them to kill a stalking monster—it's him, being followed by Frimelda, who's just after an explanation. The clan is disgusted when they realize the true situation, but Adelle offers a handy solution:
    "You wanted to be sure you never looked on this creature again, didn't you? If we slay you, then we will have fulfilled the conditions of the quest, yes?"

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