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Tristam is from Windia.
You have party members from each of the other three towns, no confirmed Windian party members, and Tristam's hometown is unknown. Put the pieces together, and...

This is the first game.
This game is filled with so many cliches and simple concepts because it was the very first one, if the FF games are connected in the same universe at all. The reasoning: it's actually very epic. The hero can tear through trees with one swing of an axe, actually talks to an elemental crystal and saves the others. The game is downright mythical when you think about it. He only has four people in his party, but only teams up with one at a time. He walks the earth. He becomes the chosen one when in reality there was no chosen one to begin with. At the end of the game, instead of going home or taking it easy, the hero basically fades off into history on a ship to destination unknown.

If the Final Fantasy world has ancient legends, this game has to be it. A time where magic was easier, the elements were still connected to the people and could be interacted with. There is no evil empire to contend with because this was set before the concept of the empire.

Benjamin's story is the story of the first Final Fantasy hero ever, chosen by the crystal of light itself.


The Focus Tower is part of the tower from The Final Fantasy Legend.
In fact, it may be the base of the tower, with the four elemental regions actually being worlds attached to the tower and more aware of other worlds than the worlds attached to the upper parts of the tower.


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