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Empyre will mark Xavin's return.
The last we heard from Xavin, they surrendered themself to the Majesdanians in the guise of Karolina Dean. Perhaps Hulkling will liberate Xavin and recruit them for his army.
  • Jossed. Neither Xavin nor the Majesdanians are anywhere to be seen in this event.

Empyre will end with Teddy and Billy finally getting married.
Marvel has been dancing around their engagement for almost ten years now, to the point of lampshading it in recent comics. Plus they'd be unlikely to suddenly turn one of their most popular LGBT heroes into a full-blown villain, probably setting up a happily-ever-after as part of the series.
  • Confirmed... sort of. Issue #4 ends with a shot of the two of them getting hitched in a Vegas chapel with the rest of the Young Avengers as their witnesses. Empyre Aftermath is a full-on superhero-royal-wedding in space.

The Kree/Skrull aren't invading the Earth, they're trying to destroy an arboreal enemy.
Teddy never said the alliance was going to conquer the Earth, only that their shared enemy is on Earth. He's also never shown any indication in story that he'd undergo a
Face–Heel Turn. Considering how the Kree/Skrull sleeper agents died in Incoming, the involvement of the X-Men from the plant-based nation of Krakoa (who are usually relegated to Bat Family Crossover comics), the return of Quoi the plant-creature son of Mantis, and the focus on attacking Yggdrasil in the Thor comics, their real target is someone/something else...
  • It seems as though the actual villains in the story are probably going to be the Cotati, the sapient plant species with Psychic Powers that co-evolved with the Kree on Hala. Something seems to have set them off and they have seemingly abandoned their formerly pacifist ways in favor of taking a hard line against animal species. Mantis was their Celestial Madonna and so they have pre-existing ties to Earth. They are also likely to want to use Earth's superhuman population to fight the Kree-Skrull alliance.
  • Confirmed. The Cotati indeed have made a Face–Heel Turn and intend to destroy all animal-based life, including humans, Kree and Skrulls.