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Beware of unmarked spoilers

Ikaris's birth name was Titale
Titale is the Etruscan version of the name "Daedalus", who was the mythical father of Icarus. Since Ikaris was the father of Icarus (only taking on the name Ikaris in memory of his dead son), this would be the logical conclusion.

Sui-San’s lost love was someone we know
She mentions joining the Uranite cause because her love did and she wasn’t prepared to oppose them. No name is given to them. And the official line is that all other Uranites (apart from Uranos himself) have been reset and rehabilitated. So...

There was a seventh priest
Six is a holy number to the Eternals, and so there are six priests. But Makkari only joined the priesthood in modern times, after Tiamut the Dreaming Celestial awoke. So another Eternal - one of the missing or one of the Excluded - held the role before them.

The Hex are part of the Eternal families created by the Celestials
I mean, given that they're not biological families, is there any reason why Sprite or Kingo's mom shouldn't be an 80,000 ft tall death machine?