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"Ginger" is the former Queen and Princess Cherry's mom
Pamplemousse mentioned that she abandoned both her name and title and that because of her position, the king could not deny her request. Ginger has also been referenced as the world's strongest dragonslayer, and it has been mentioned that Princess Cherry's overwhelming power was inherited from her parents.

The Claw is an Evil Chancellor
It has been speculated In-Universe that there is a traitor on the dragonslayer council responsible for manipulating the sabotage of the Sealed Evil in a Can. It was on Claw's advice that King Citrus outlawed training dragonslayers in the arts of war, presumably with the intention of weakening them for a future war, and it was likely with Claw's encouragement that Mango got made Princess Cherry's bodyguard and The Scapegoat by extension.

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