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If the TV series had been picked up, it would have been the start of a massive Stephen King TV Shared Universe
We know that the TV series was supposed to have Carrie, having survived the prom, moving to Florida to seek out others like her. Nothing else is known about the plot, but it seems logical to assume that law enforcement or government agents would be on her trail because of what she did. Such an organization already exists in Stephen King's own writing: The Shop, who are the main villains of Firestarter and the secondary villains of The Tommyknockers. If The Shop were introduced to the Carrie series as the villains, that would provide an excuse to introduce characters from other stories they were involved in—for example, Carrie could meet Charlie McGee from Firestarter. Later on, some of these characters might be spun off into series of their own, with their own adventures.. . . Actually, someone should do this.

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