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Pre-Release Theories

Anthony will become the next Candyman
  • Self-explanatory; Anthony gets stung by a honeybee in the teaser trailer, one of the warning signs that the Candyman is close by. After he was stung, he later wears bandages around his right hand most likely because the wound became infected and was rotting away gradually until Anthony is forced to rip his hand off in the place of the Candyman's signature weapon.

Candyman will do with Anthony the same Freddy did with Jason in Freddy vs. Jason
  • Gentrification is a major theme of the sequel. Because of it, Candyman's powers are lessening because he requires belief to keep himself in the physical realm. So, he will take possession of Anthony, likely recognizing him as the boy he tried to sacrifice in the original film, and takes possession of him so he could set him up as the fall guy for his murders.

Anthony will pull a Heroic Sacrifice to erase Candyman for good
  • Realizing that Candyman's legend is what sustains his existence, Anthony manages to resist Candyman possessing him just long enough to destroy his art exhibit and the old candy factory—removing the last physical reminders of the legend and letting himself die in the attempt, taking Candyman with him and eclipsing his legend with a "crazy artist" story.


Helen Lyle will appear, with Virginia Madsen doing a Role Reprise for it
At the end of the first film she became an Urban Legend like Candyman, and it would be waste not to follow up on it.

     The movie will be released as a video on demand 
The movie will be postponed because of COVID-19

Post-Release Theories


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