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Candyman is a Cenobite.
Both stories which Hellraiser and Candyman are based off of are by Clive Barker. Each character only causes mayhem when they are summoned. To top it off all they know after their deaths are pain and pleasure.
  • While the Candyman has similarities to the Cenobites, it would probably be more like Candyman is an agent of another section of Hell. Movie versions wise Cenobites are mostly people who went into Hell willingly or were Pinhead craft projects. Candyman here has a bit more sympathetic death, but he could have been offered the job by Leviathan with his entry based on belief.
  • Story wise: Candyman generally is still a thing that is summoned into the world by belief and in The Hellbound Heart, Kirsty wonders if there are other portals into Hell, so not too farfetched an idea there either.

Candyman killed Sammy Davis Jr.
It was a long hunt, but the outcome was never in doubt. The Candyman can after all...

Helen is the reincarnation of Candyman's lover
Hence his determination to get her to agree to give up her life and be with him.

There is more than one Candyman
The movie isnt an adaptation of the original story at all, it's a sequel. The American Candyman was brought into being after someone who had been to England and heard the original myth in Liverpool brought it back and changed some of it to reflect an American background, hence the Race Lift (the original Candyman was described as white) and the backstory including racial violence and lynching. Since the Candyman is an avatar of myth and belief, this new version created an entirely new entity.
  • This troper hopes this is the direction the new one is going in and not just a case of Hollywood derailing chances for sequels with willing returning actors. I'm hoping the term "spiritual sequel" also leads us down this direction. Between the original short story and the original sequel we have total in-story reason for the Chicago Candyman to now look different. People can now have easily learned with the internet that the real Daniel wasn't even from Chicago. But the entity they created with their belief is still out there and now is sporting a totally new face as his mythology has been altered. This is one example where we actually can have our cake and eat it too, you know as long as some producer doesn't do something stupid.
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  • Candyman is probably one of the few characters in fiction this is relatively easy to work with. You could have the book version, Chicago version and Louisiana version be the same entity that changed based on the mythology he's is based on, or you make all three different entities brought to exist by the same principles.

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