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Eve got purification powers because her parasite mutated into a symbiote from the events of the game.
The Mutants operate via Adaptive Ability and presumably the will of whoever is in command of them all. The mutant had to keep adapting to Sophia-Gaia's constant healing her; and then Kanna have her a combination of fruits from her planet; which are able to control mutants the way cordyceps can control ants. After the final burst of power from destroying Planade-G; the parasite changed it's evolutionary goals to match Eve's and Jason's priorities.

SOPHIA Zero and Jason's battle rifle broke down because they were not at all made for prolonged operations.
Given the general nature of mutant attacks, Each Metal attacker is expected to have some sort of base as well as their support droid doing maintenance. With Eve being largely disabled by the mutant virus and Jason's prolonged searching, the wear and tear on both were too much for what maintenance on the go Jason could muster. Leibniz seems to have found a way to compensate for missing a support droid considering how he could lock Eve out and keep Garuda in working order
  • Zigzagged. The Zero itself wasn't not made for prolonged operations per say, moreso that it just wasn't meant to be used at all. Kane and Jennifer heavily overcompensated its output to the point the frame couldn't physically withstand it, and it was deemed a failure and thus the other MAs happened while the two quietly kept the Zero and tried to fix the problem. With finding out about the Mutant Core, their arms were twisted and they had to deploy it to Earth as-is, thus making it doomed to break down either way. As for the Blaster Rifle, the in-game call to Eve about it addresses that one: the culprit was everybody's favorite, the Wave Beam, as it wasn't just unbalanced in-game but also in-universe, and ended up breaking the original Blaster Rifle because of the design flaw in not constraining its power.

Blaster Master Zero III will take place in Planet Sophia.
What better way to introduce the origins of the SOPHIA tank series and even more Metal Attackers, Support Droids and Pilots? It's also the perfect place to initiate a counterattack against the Mutants and try to get rid of all of them for good.

The game was meant to be a 3DS game but got shifted to a new system due to factors
The general fact that its engine is roughly the same as the first game and actual decrease in some things (the expression range of portraits and the quality of Eve's) suggests they were trying to get it to fit on the 3ds but with things proving difficult and the 3ds basically going out of focus, they shifted things to the Switch late in development (meaning they couldn't upscale everything)

Roddy and Elfie are Decomposite Characters with their original counterparts
If Jason and Eve are still able to have kids, it will be explained that they named them after the Andreia pilots.