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More than a Mythology Gag in Blaster Master Zero, Metafight is the alternate Universe Eve comes from.
In 2052, in the Ypsilon Galaxy, where the planet Sophia the 3rd lies. Goez, the conquerer of many other worlds and self-proclaimed "god of the universe", invaded the system with the forces of the Invem Dark Star Cluster. The Science Academy of Sophia the 3rd, managing to preserve the Nora Satellite, created the Metal Attacker, a mobile battle tank. Kane Gardner, a genius boy pilot, was drafted to pilot the tank against the forces of Goez.

They win. Goez is beaten, but has a trick up its sleeve. It sends its Core to seed another world through a portal. Normal human biology cannot pass through this portal; so Kane can't follow it. They know Goez will try to attack them again once he regains his power. ("god of the universe" and all that) He and the scientist creator of Metal Attacker; Dr. Jennifer Cornet; work together to create someone who can; an android named Eve; as well as a scout creature to blend with the native creatures; a "frog". They also update Metal Attacker and rechristen it in name of their world, Sophia the 3rd. This took enough time that they grew feelings for each and got married. They also started to feel familial attachment to Eve. But she had to be expendable. They were allowed to create a "Sophia Zero" upgraded Metal Attacker for if Goez attacked their world directly again; but if Eve couldn't handle the original; she wouldn't be able to control this. Only if a Fred Unit could detect enough technological control would they risk sending it.

Fred finds Earth, and the forces of Goez are starting to wake up. Eve follows, but is nearly destroyed and is ripped from the cockpit. Then a miracle happens. Jason Frobnick, engineer and Almighty Janitor, finds Fred and Sophia the 3rd; and turns out to be a One-Man Army and does what it took Kyle a lot of military training to do. He destroys the "Mutant" forces and their Mutant Lord. (Eve even comments that technically that's not what they're called, but Sure, Let's Go with That.)

Goez, aka the Mutant Lord (or we could even call him the Plutonium Boss) pulls the Core stunt again; to send his essence to another world. But the Gardners were prepared for this; they outfitted Sophia the 3rd to contain the Core dimensionally, so a self-destruct would prevent it from leaving AND permanently destroy it.

In non-Golden Ending of Blaster Master Zero, the Mutant Lord flees dimensionally again
Eve isn't able to destroy it, but it is seriously weakened. It has no way of knowing if Jason would attack again. So it chooses to go back in time. It has to disengage from Eve and Sophia the 3rd to do so, but Eve is given amnesia; and is partially converted into Goez's species. Thus, the original Blaster Master.
  • Goez himself went much further back in time than Eve, and his essence; without his malice awake to control it, led to the rise of the Lightning Being race.

Future DLC characters for Blaster Master Zero
Gunvolt, Ekoro, Shantae, and Shovel Knight are confirmed, but some likely guesses thus far:
  • Copen; fellow major Gunvolt character.
  • Beck; Inti Creates likes him and likely arranged to get the rights to him when they were working on Mighty Gunvolt Burst.
  • The Heroine of the upcoming game "Dragon: Marked for Death" as a sort of self-promotion (both it and Zero are on the Switch)