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Dre is the kid on the front porch at the end of the season 6 finale of Mad Men.
And if he were ever to do what Don did and take his kids to show where he grew up, the neighborhood by then will have been thoroughly gentrified...
  • Jossed: The character Dre turned 40 in 2014 meaning he was not yet born at the time of the Mad Men finale which took place in 1970.
    • Also, Dre is from Compton. Don is from Illinois.

Bow's pregnancy is going to end in a stillbirth.
Early in season 3, she had a miscarriage scare during her sonogram and it just ended with her exhibiting symptoms of pre-eclampsia. I think it's fairly telegraphed what's going to happen next season.
  • Jossed: DeVonte has been born.

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