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  • Dre and Pops dancing together while "Dancing With My Father" plays.
  • The end of "Twindependence" - after Jack and Diane decide they miss being together, the two of them are shown sleeping with their beds joined together. Jack nearly rolls off the bed but Diane almost instinctively wraps her arm around him.
  • When Dre and Bow spend an entire episode panicking and arguing about who should take care of the kids if they die, Zoey tells them that they don't have to worry because she would want to do it. They just have to not die for two years.
  • "Lemons", while full of tearjerkers, also has these sprinkled throughout.
    • Zoey's lemonade. She is not trying to make any kind of political statement about it; she's just simply making lemonade for her friends because she wants to contribute some love and compassion to everyone in these hectic times.
    • Although they still don't like her choice, Dre and the rest of his coworkers hear Lucy out when she explains why she voted for Trump and admit they can understand the position she was in, realizing that Trump didn't just win because he appealed to some bigots.
    • Dre's impassioned speech to his coworkers about his view on the situation is this mixed with a tearjerker.
    "I love this country, even though, at times, it doesn't love me back."
    • Junior reading off Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream Speech" to his classmates is this mixed with an awesome moment.
    • The ending, where Dre monologues that for all the fears that come with Trump's election, he was nevertheless happy to see that his kids grew up seeing a black family in the White House and a woman nearly win the presidency, how he still has hope for the future and spells out that people need to start listening to each other because the divisions in the country can't stay.
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  • "Sprinkles" has Ruby ordering a doctor to get Bow a blanket, even saying she is her daughter. She even kisses Bow on the forehead, but naturally, she tells Bow she hallucinated both instances.
  • In "Things Were Different Then", a flashback showed that Dre valued Pops so much as a father that he could proudly tell others that he is his father, something rare in his community to the point of baffling other kids.


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