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  • Almost everything out of Charlie's mouth.
  • Leslie Stevens (and later his son Connor) both utter casually racist comments to Dre that seem more clueless than malicious, and Dre usually never reacts with anything more than a "Seriously?" sort of face.
  • Dre walking in on Junior masturbating and their subsequent freaked out reactions.
  • Junior notices a girl in line for a ride at Disneyland and tries to work up the courage to talk to her. When he finally faces her, he lets out a high-pitched "Helloooooooooo!"
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  • Bow wants to help the kids out when they don't go to her for help anymore. She makes a potato costume for Diane out of a garbage bag with some crudely stuck-on branches. The kids at her school call her "poo-tato".
  • Diane sending out "Thank You" notes in "Mother Nature". Until we get to Charlie's...
    Note: Hello, Charles. I now have your home address. It's the last mistake you'll make.
  • When Junior tries to make Jack feel better when he thinks Devante doesn't like him.
    Junior: I'll let you in on a little secret. Not many people like me.
    Jack: Okay. But what's the secret?

  • The Diff’rent Strokes parody when Dre imagines Stevens becoming his children’s legal guardian in “Leftovers”.

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