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That bunny Mel sent Stella? It's a part of a race of demonic rabbits

They are black, have very bright red eyes, and multiply very quickly.

A character from a previous game will make an appearance

Mel is revealed to have evil powers. Any character in this series will evil powers ends up abusing them and being corrupted by them, so naturally, it will take nothing short of a Deus ex Machina to save her. On top of that, this is the perfect place in the series to start making references to itself! So, said Deus ex Machina will be...a character from a previous game! It makes perfect sense!


  • Jossed. However, before the development the final two chapters, Amanda did plan to bring back a character from the previous game i.e. Ahriman, who was intended to return as the final Big Bad of the series. Then someone pointed out how little this makes sense, so she changed it into Mordred Darkthtop instead.

That new girl in TDP, Uma, is Nox.

Something is fishy here... She looks almost exactly like Nox, but with white hair. Then again, we never know what is Nox's true hair color since she's always cloaked in shadow. Also, the name Uma means luminous, while Nox means darkness. So Uma is either Nox, or an opposite entity. Either way Uma is directly related to Nox. She is, as she is her sister)

Edward Cullen is the lovechild of Galahad and Stella, getting relationship advice from Gyendal.

He's an angsty vampire who refuses to feed on humans like Galahad, a butterfly like Stella, and learned how to be a creepy stalker from Gyendal. Hey, don't look at me, blame the forums].


... is a lie!

The epilogue is narrated by Mel, not an omniscient narrator, so she could darn well be lying to cover up the truth, whatever it is. Lars VIII never appeared even once in the game, so there's no way to confirm his existence other than Word of God.

Nox ends up with Edward and Stella
's son.

Think about it. It will be glorious!

Gyendal will return in a later game.

Sure, he was shot in the chest and thrown into the demon realm, but we never saw the corpse.


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