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This is an alternative explanation for the creation of Starfleet.
Starfleet is originally created after Vulcans make first contact with humans, following a global nuclear war. However, once Starfleet comes into existence, an alien race that can see all time simultaneously and that has been/will be saved by Starfleet hatches a different plan to unite humanity and form Starfleet without the global nuclear war.

Aliens have taught humans to see into the future; humans will teach the aliens free will
Louise will realize that her visions of future do not represent an inevitable fate that she must carry out, but just one possibility that may be changed. She will invent a new set of symbols, consisting of multiple connected circles, to represent causality, future and past, possibilities, and choices. And maybe this is the gift that aliens will receive three thousand years from now - or that will take them three thousand years to comprehend.

In other words: the aliens are Wights, and Louise will become Culaina the Thunorg.


The Heptapods are Timelords

They even have similar circular written languages intended to represent a non-linear view of time.

The Heptapods are not as good as they appear

Just because they want to ally with humanity, doesn't mean that the threat that they will face in three thousand years isn't a enemy civilization or one that they enslaved. They might persevere all off time at once, and want to help humanity, but that help comes at a cost. Who knows if they have some less mutually beneficial arrangements with other civilizations who aren't the key to there salvation?


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