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what was behind "Abandoned by Disney":
  • The resort seemed to have a strong The Jungle Book (1967) influence. The Jungle Book was the last film Walt Disney personally worked on. After his death, his creations, which were literally starting to take on a life of their own, felt they had been abandoned by their god. With the help of a few voodoo witchdoctors, (who later gave creative consultancy to The Princess and the Frog) the people at the Disney corporation were able to banish the animi to an island in the Bahamas. In order to get a tax write off, they had to make it look like they were building a resort instead of taking part in mystical rituals.

Negative Mickey from Abandoned By Disney is actually a nice guy.
It never really showed any malicious intent when he woke up. It simply stared at the guy for a while. My theory is that it was curious, because it had been so many years since he had seen another living being. While it was sizing the protagonist up, it saw how terrified he was. Now, if it knew how to interact with people, this is the point where it would calmly and gently assure him that it means no harm. However, since it spent most of its life locked up in that room, he's not exactly a social butterfly. So, instead, it tries breaking the ice with the guy by showing him what it considers a neat trick he can do: taking its own head off. It was saddened when the guy ran away...but then realized the door was still open. So, it happily left to try and make some friends out in the world.

The Disney Corporation was never after the protagonist.
They weren't even aware of his presence. The Disney merchandise mysteriously appearing in his house? The people following him around with clipboards? They weren't part of a conspiracy to take out the main character. They were CREATED by him. Just like the faceless children and other horrors; they were created by the power of belief. Mainly his belief; and the beliefs of others that Disney is part of some evil, shady conspiracy. I mean, if they really wanted to silence him; why go about harassing him in an incredibly conspicuous manor? Especially when it would be much easier to just have him killed.

The story takes place in the same universe as Escape from Tomorrow

Both Escape From Tomorrow and Abandoned by Disney show the Disney theme parks as being home to sinister and corrupt dealings. It's fully possible that the bizarre things Jim is experiencing in Escape aren't hallucinations at all, but the effects of the Corruptus entity manifesting itself. Disney would end up killing Jim via cat flu and disposing of his body in order to keep its dark secret, much as it seems to be stalking and trying to eliminate the Narrator in Abandoned.