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Webcomic / Rhyno Quest

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'Your surroundings are entirely BLUE. You seem to be in a ROOM with nothing but ONE SINGLE NUMPAD on it.'

Rhyno Quest is a webcomic hosted on, a site that holds webcomics supporting animation, Javascript modifications, and flash. It follows the story of Rhyno, as they wake up in a room containing nothing but a keypad, following Rhyno exploring the keypad to learn more about the room they are trapped in. Rhyno Quest was written by Rhyno Matt, the main character being their self insert/author avatar. The comic itself is a flash Hybrid, with many interactive portions, much like that of Homestuck, and was started 12/17/17.


Rhyno Quest contains examples of:

  • Author Avatar: Rhyno Matt is also the Author, this story revolves around a character that is them-self.
  • Original Character: Kaito, one of Rhyno's Homestuck OC's, shows up as well.
  • You Wake Up in a Room: Rhyno wakes up in the 'Machine Room' with no memory of how they got there.