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One theme of the film will be Living Is More Than Surviving.
The tagline is "silence is not enough", despite the Abbots being very skilled at hiding from the monsters. Having discovered a way to incapacitate and kill the invaders, Evelyn wants to seek out survivors and help protect them. This will require more risk, but she feels it will be worth it. She has moved past only wanting to survive.

If the family finds other survivors, they've found other means of protecting themselves from the monsters.
  • One family will have soundproofed their house so they can talk and make noise freely inside. However, they're smart enough to know to be quiet outside and make sure all the doors and windows are closed before they talk indoors.
  • One person was a ventriloquist before the monsters arrived. That person now uses their ventriloquism as a means to evade the monsters by throwing their voice, leading the monsters somewhere else.

The Abbotts' original home was destroyed.
A Quiet Place ended with the surviving Abbotts about to go kill a bunch of monsters charging towards their house. It's likely the house was destroyed by the aliens, forcing them to have to go seek shelter elsewhere. Thus, the plot of the sequel.
  • Supporting this is the fact that ths aliens busted the water main in the first movie, which flooded the basement. Repairing that kind of damage quietly would be unfeasible, let alone what the monsters would additionally break during the attack.

This film will debut on Paramount+
Mulan (2020) and Wonder Woman 1984 are confirmed to have streaming releases. Since they likely used all their marketing budget on this film, it's likely this film will be part of the Paramount+ relaunch.

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