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The tree (yes, in its entirety).

The Pg Tree is an Idle Game by pg132 released in 2020 which is a Game Mod of Prestige Tree. While it does look like the average no-effort template mod at first (since it has a green P dot and the version number is 0.0), it has enough content to stand as a short mod in its own right, with three school-themed layers. It is playable on Githack.

This game provides examples of:

  • Challenge Run: The middle school layer unlocks challenges that involve reaching a certain amount of points while under a point/prestige reduction. Each completion raises the goal and the challenge's overall difficulty, but certain upgrades can make the latter more forgiving.
  • Diminishing Returns for Balance: The Exponentiation upgrade has a softcap for its effect. It is supposed to be removed by the Solving Equations upgrade, but apparently doesn't.
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  • Export Save: You can copy the 1KB+ save file by pushing a button and paste it into the game.
  • Game Mod: This is a mod of Prestige Tree with a math and school theme.
  • Theme Naming: Upgrades in the prestige layer are named after mathematical operations and terminology, while the ones in school layers are based on typical respective learning activities.


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