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What? Somebody created a page for Sumfingue? Clearly someone have way too much free time in their hands!

Oh wait... That's me. Well, him. That's complicated.

Sumfingue (ah hell, let's use third person) a 23 years old french (Not the jerk variant. Most of the time anyway.) dude who lurked TV Tropes for a while before finally creating an account and procrastined a whole lot more before finally creating this page. This 'lovable' fellow with the attention span of a pigeon on crack, described as a Deadpan Snarker Brilliant, but Lazy Jerk with a Heart of Gold by his loved ones and friends with an unhealthy addiction to "bouncy" ladies (let's just say "When you date one girl who can't see her feet." and leave it at that. Please.) spent a good deal of time dealing with self-hatred, depression and other moral demons, no thanks to primary school and middle school. They won't be missed.


Fortunately, this being a world where we have therapists, things went back on tracks and Sumfingue is now ready to contribute to TV Tropes and the community, be it by removing Natter, adding obscure examples or just spreading badly conjugated verbs all over the wiki.

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