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A pudgy arachnophile Troper with Biology and Chemistry degrees, a deep love for all things troperiffic, and two cats. She signed on in early 2009. She lost hours of sleep the first time she discovered this Wiki, and this has been a frequently reoccurring problem.

This Troper is an sf/fantasy gamer who prefers games that let her pick her character's gender and outfits, due to the fact that Most Gamers Are Male(this goes double for game developers) and she is not a fan of stripperific looks or hulking androgynous armor. In fact, this is why she originally got into creating 3d models and textures (back when the game Elder Scrolls: Oblivion was current). She makes buyable content for Poser and has a store at Renderosity and an original fantasy novel at Lulu. She now also has a Deviant Art page for her 3d renders.


SickleYield enjoys writing fanfiction for Elder Scrolls, Fallout 3, Warcraft III, Mass Effect, and occasionally Lord of the Rings. Her casts generally consist of all OC's, without a single Sue-abused canon protagonist in view. Here is her fanfiction page for your perusal. She's enough of a Grammar Nazi attention whore that she will personally reply to almost any review that is written in complete sentences.

While she has been a believing member of the Christian faith all her life, Sickle Yield is familiar with doctrine from many others and will correct ignorant entries about Hinduism, the Koran, Judaism, etc. as well as about Christianity or Biology. Her credo is that it is not always possible to tolerantly agree, but it is absolutely vital to be accurate.

She is still in treatment for her Third-Person Person Disorder.



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