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Padur Karil is a troper from a tiny ass back[[protip:lack-of]]water town in southern Cali.

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Unpublished Work:

Is an example of:

  • Emo Kid: Subverted. I'm a fairly cheerful guy. Defiantly more cheerful then before I went emo. I just like the look and the music. More of a Poser-Scenester I guess.
  • Must Have Caffeine
  • No Indoor Voice: People get on to me all the time about this. Goes hand in hand with the above.
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  • Older Than They Look: I'm 20. Popular opinion is that I'm 16.
  • Starving Artist: Ah (Community) college
  • Talkative Loon: When I get sleepy, caffeinated, drunk, or especially emotional. Any Emotion.

Has been called by others:

Depraved Bisexual: In the words of Jacob Crowley: "Sexually WTF?''

Cloud Cuckoolander: In this troper's honest opinion.

Feel free to mess around with my page.


  • Go Go Gadget Troper? ...DANCING KIRBIES!! <(^^)> <(^^<) (>^^)> <(^^)> "Poyo~!"—Squealing Sandry

Yo Padur! -signed, Kamen Rider Trope.

Viva California! - Scholastica

Godot Was Here.


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