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Ms. Byrd is a Cloud Cuckoolander Dumb Blonde, and probably some form of a fool, despite being a dutifully mediocre college student. She does her best not to be That Troper, but she may fail from time to time, no longer being a newbie but still being herself. If she isn't lurking, she's either storytelling or stuffing more examples down some poor Trope's throat. Her life's mission is to significantly shrink the number of Pages Needing Wicks. Or, at least, to significantly shrink the number of Wicks needed by a significant number of pages. ...if that syntax makes sense.


TV Tropes ruined her life, but she doesn't mind. Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming Troper Tales function as the next-best pick-me-up after chocolates and Nakamas, after all.


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