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"When I write music I make it a rule to always play the piano myself.
Just as a song's dynamic changes with the singer, I believe that I
must play my own music so that my flavor is there."
- Joe Hisaishi

Low in the suburbs between Route 309 and Interstate 476, just between two counties, there are two exits from the highway. Take either one and you'll find yourself near or in a small little borough. Ask around for Green St. and you may or may not find it. All depends on who you ask. If you do find it, and if you catch him at a good time, you may just hear something interesting coming out one of the houses. A small tuneful melody played on a Cable upright. Could be The Beatles, could be The White Stripes, could be something completely original. If you hear this melody, it is most likely a troper by the name of Hisaishi slamming the ivory.


You could describe him as many a thing. Western Animation fan, Otaku, white-boy artist extraordinaire. He doesn't care.

His claims to fame are the creation of the Adventure Time and South Park drinking games, the main pages for Badirfilay and Gigguk, and, most recently, AMVs including "No More Roses..." and "Sankakkei". In the future, he wants to review animation, attend anime cons, and hone his skills in musicianship and video editing.


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