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I'm Homestar Runner, and this is a website!

Oh, wait, wrong site... and person, reaw- I mean, really.

I've spent enough time to get used to trope-fu around here, even though I've never made mistakes.

I've greatly enjoyed my time here, and look forward to contributing more!

...well, I probably would right now, but I'd have to admit some Guilty Pleasures. Or not be lazy.

You can guess all you want about those pleasures, though.


If I do contribute, be certain that I'll probably go along the lines of "This Troper..." when referring to myself... well, maybe. I'm not really sure anymore.

Also be certain that I am an avid Final Fantasy XI player. Avid as in distracted by tiny, little things.

I do get on from time to time, and, uh, do stuff. Not as often as before.

I'm really trying to blog now too, honest!

What the hell I've been up to:


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