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Dark Insanity 13 is a newly named contributor (previously only going as "This troper") as of 2008/08/29. She isn't too sure what to put on this page.

She provides examples for many, many tropes, and frequents the Troper Tales section for laughs. She's provided quotes and examples for many pages...whether they were useful is another question.

Can be best described as a Deadpan Snarker with Cloud Cuckoo Lander tendencies, often referencing anime/manga/video games, and as of recently TV Tropes. She has a wacky family (mostly stemming from her insane father) that she loves to rant about. Same could be said about friends.


Many Berserk Buttons this one has. Including ridiculous nicknames people come up with for her. Her real name will not be mentioned for a long, long time.

Likely has many psychological issues, but doesn't discuss with many people and figures she isn't dangerous to herself or society yet. Also needs to get her eyes checked.

She feels that she fits Old Shame perfectly; she desperately wants to bash her head on her desk for the things she wrote/thought up when starting out as a fan.

Dark Insanity 13 is a redhead, but it seems no heroes want this one. Single her whole 18-year-old 19-year-old 20-year-old (I feel old) life. Geeky turn ons apparently don't work. She is most definitely not bitter.

She has this problem she best describes as "thinking too much", which presents itself in many different ways.

  • 1. She often thinks more than she speaks, so she doesn't talk much offline.
  • 2. Because she thinks so much, she thinks about the things other people could be thinking about, or the things that could go wrong. This has caused a bit of a complex in her and now she's incredibly self-conscious and socially defunct.
  • 3. Plot bunnies attack her like crazy, and she often has a bad case of Attention Deficit Creator Disorder.
  • 4. She confuses herself by coming up with many different outcomes for certain situations, so if she's asked a question about something she isn't completely sure on the answer to, she often opts out and decides to let someone else answer for her or have the person asking tell her the answer.
  • 5. She train-hops often.


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