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A bit late, but Merry Xmas. I'm back from fighting monsters with Santa Christ and Mr. T. We beat 'em, but one of the monsters gave me the flu.
I am nevertheless filled with the desire to bless myself for having the opportunity to know all of you. And of course I bless you all too.
Peace on Earth and good will to all.

Danny Lilithborne, aka Ricardo Arturo Lafaurie, Jr., passed away on January 2nd, 2010.


Events conspired to make him late to his kidney dialysis appointment on the 26th, and he had trouble breathing on the way. By the time he arrived at the hospital with his father, he had stopped breathing and his heart had stopped.

They revived him 11 minutes later, but it was too late — he never regained consciousness and they removed the ventilator early morning, January 2nd, 2010.

Danny was also known as JuJube (Wikipedia, Fanfiction.Net, The Yu Gi Oh community), Blankpage (a few online fiction sites), and perhaps most famously, Dasrik on the Shoryuken forums, where he was somewhat of a community leader in the Marvel Vs Capcom and other 2d fighting game communities. He was also an admin at the Yu Gi Oh wikia, he passed on shortly before hitting his 10,000th edit on that website.

Rick had a remarkably full online life, possibly to make up for his offline life, which was plagued by health problems from an early age. His parents were told to be ready to lose him before he was 16; he managed to survive until he was 31.


This user page is preserved as a memorial.

The following is what this page looked like as of the last edit he made to it while he was still alive:

A Troper and Deadpan Snarker who used to spend way too much time at this site, but has eased up on his habit. Knows a thing or two about old Apple II games.

Under the name JuJube, I've contributed to Wikipedia and written several fanfictions for Yu-Gi-Oh! and Sailor Moon, the most popular being the Continuation serial Yu-Gi-Oh! Negative Zero. You can read my stories on my page here. I also have co-author credit on Vyser Dragoon's Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's fanfic Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Subsistence, available here (you need a janime account).

The name "Danny Lilithborne" is also the name of a character I wrote who is the reincarnated son of Lilith.

Pages I made:


So enough about that. Time for me to advance my viewpoint where no one asked for it! xD

Top 5 Favorite Anime

Top 5 Favorite Films

Top 5 Favorite Actors

Top 5 Favorite Directors

Editors' Note: No, I'm not making articles for Jonathan Frakes or Nora Ephron. My health is in too much of a bad state for me to worry about that, and besides, how the hell are there not articles here for Number One (and more importantly, the voice of freakin' David Xanatos!) and the inventor of the modern Romantic Comedy?!


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