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Hello, I'm Clawshrimpy, you may remember me from such shitstorms as "Real Robots should be Realistic" and "TTGL Syndrome" on the forums. I feel bad whenever I get into any kind of fight here, though, so I really don't mean to hate on anything anybody likes, except out of a feeling to need to White Knight or defend the things I do like, especially when it's compared to something that's more genereally accepted than what I do like.


A little bit about myself, I'm male, I have a passion for science-fiction of all types, but particularly of the Humongous Mecha anime genre, Full disclosure, I'm autistic, I have a persecution complex, and I have a hard time getting along with other, especially when trying to present an argument in a way where people will not rage at me. I have little to no friends in Real Life , and I have to awkwardly have to argue with strangers on the internet to have much dialogue with people with my interests. I'm an aspiring critical analyst of sci-fi and writer.

I review Humongous Mecha and other sci-fi anime at my blog and through which can be found here Said work also have a page on TV Tropes for it here


Works enjoyed by Clawshrimpy include:


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Works disliked and critically debated by Clawshrimpy:

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What that said, feel free to edit/vandalise! Do leave your name if you stop by, though.

  • Consider my name left. -Mura

  • Add my name left to your list. Oh, and congratulations for being even more hated on /m/ than codename:v. - The Umbrella That Smites Evil

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