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Describe troper here....... Except I have to do that myself, don't I? See, I've read tv tropes since 2011, but I'm a newbie at editing any articles, so this page is going to look bad for a while.....

Hey there, I'm Chillin Chum, you found my troper page! Good for you!

Who am I? Why, just a random gamer/aspirating L Per/aspirating writer of sort w/high functioning autism. In all honesty, I don't consider myself special, anything I manage to do, I feel anyone could accomplish, and it saddens me a little inside when people can't, especially when it comes to avoiding things that will just likely hurt you.


But anyway, despite a reasonably young age of being in my early 20's, I have had many different experiences, I suppose due to some of my family's background, I have been encouraged to try a wide variety of things, and I have also been subjected to many things throughout my life, but most of them I would say have made me stronger.

I have found a home here on the internet, but I do plenty of IRL things too, I'm trying to get things juggled out, but there's no reason you should expect to see me around these parts all of the time. I don't talk about the I Rl stuff too much, so here's just a rundown of things I'm up to:

  • I run a youtube channel, which has gotten a surprising amount of attention due to an LP "show" I like to do where I chronicle my time on a particular Mine Craft server while talking to others, you can find it here:
    • Bear in mind however that many things for my channel are WIP (work in progress), and I also have had a hiatus on it for a while, I do still intend to get out a ton of backlog of videos edited and uploaded though, but I may change where my channel is headed after due to various reasons.
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  • I have a twitch channel, and you will most likely find me in a stream chat, even after they have stopped streaming, talking with others. My channel is here: , my plan is to stream every Saturday.
  • Due to my discovery that I was losing track of how many games I had where, I made a backloggery account in august, 2013, to track them and figure out just how many games I haven't beaten.....despite all my years of playing, I have a lot of work to do. You can find it here, , feel free to add me on multitap!
  • In the grand (new) tradition of internet folks, you too can follow me on twitter! or as "@chillin_chum".
  • I also have a tumblr, but I have yet to understand how it works yet, don't follow me yet. :P
  • Do you see a pattern yet here? I engineered this name to be as marketable as possible back in 2008 when coming up with an Xbox Live name, and I prefer to use the same one, so you can google me and find just about everywhere I've been, at least as this internet persona. I keep it entirely separate from my real life name and such though. (darn internet identity thieves, can't be too careful.)

Tropes that seem to demonstrate me, especially if you were to write a fictionalized version of me. (at least stay canon, if you were to write fanfiction, not that I'm that popular......yet.....):

  • Bezerk Button: It's best if you don't mention Justin Beiber, now, I don't think he's a bad guy at all (or at least he started out that way, not sure about now...), but regardless of who he is as a person, WAAYY too many people are hatfeul of him for petty reasons, even if he's a dick, how many other famous people aren't? There's plenty of dicks out there, and he's has money and fame, so way is he so special? More importantly though, when I read the news and find how more people are talking about him rather then what is actually currently killing people in the thousands in other places in the world, my face starts to redden......and that's about the time you realized too late you pushed the button. I can't stand petty "feuds" as it were.
  • Blind Without 'Em: Not entirely true, I can still see the general shape of something for a far distance quite fine. It's just that if I have my hand fully stretched out from my face without my glasses on, I can see the blurriness start.....
    • Because of that I can't read signs from far away, and thus cannot legally drive without zig-zagged trope? or just Can't Drive without 'em?
  • Big Eater: Somewhat, but I think it's just typical of a young man like me.
  • Brillant But Lazy: Occasionally yes, I admit I feel like this, but it's more like I feel too tired/busy to execute my brilliant plan.
  • Catchphrase: I know I have a few......
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: I can come off this way sometimes when I seem perfectly oblivious to something, but don't think I'm dumb or anything, I just make some really dumb mistakes sometimes, and don't we all?
  • Gentle Giant: Definitely.
  • Growing Up Sucks: Well, the growing up part....being an adult is challenging, but awesome, and my social skills have improved tremendously.
  • Nerd: Growing up, I fit the stereotype to a T. Except for my intimidating appearance in latter years. And I was good at mathematics.
  • Nerd Glasses
  • One Of Us: "DEFINITELY"
  • Walking Tech Bane: I have discovered this may be a slight possibility. I always have technical problems with things, but I can handle them. But I also have this uncanny ability to find the weird bug or glitch, the odd quirk in the system, whether it's a game system (particularly board games), or actual work machines or networks. (and it's NEVER over an unimportant detail, more often then not, it can define a game session.) And in a subversion, I can find features in consumer electronics their owners haven't found, even when they have had it for a year or more.
    • Surprisingly, I don't look for bugs and glitches in games like some other people do....... And in a complete Aversion, bugs that many other people encounter in a game, may never come to the surface to me at ALL. Zig-Zagged trope indeed.

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