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I'm just a normal guy. I'm one of the actors in Bleach, but I decided to become a troper to have more direct interactions with some of the fanbase. Every now and then, I'll log on and take questions to fill in everyone about what's going on after hours amongst the Bleach cast. I'm afraid I can't spoil anything plot related for you though.

I've got a couple hobbies, too. We've got a bowling league for the cast. Some of us are working on a band, and in my spare time I like to work with my hands building homes and shelters for charity.

And of course, I've got to mention the loves of my life, Lisa and Chizuru.
...I'd be in trouble if I didn't.

-The good luck wish was nothing, just glad to hear it worked out. Now, you know you've gotta Pay It Forward. Preferably back to me.
P.S.: wow. I forgot how that movie ended. Must have blocked it out.
  • Well, there's one movie not to watch fully on date night.

Don't worry Chad, you're way cooler than Uryu and Orihime and such. ~Saiga

You're my favorite of the main Bleach characters. ~Autumncomet

Hey Chad, we should hang out together sometime. I think our casts need to be more friendly with each other. There's no need for us to be divas like those One Piece guys. ~Sasookay

(Please Sasookay. You of all people accusing others of being divas?) You do good work with the idiots you're given. I can empathize with the being forced to lie in a pool of your own blood for chapters on end. - Roronoa Zoro



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