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Hey there. I've been reading up on this site for a while and boy, have I learned a lot more about fiction than through most other means.

Tropes that apply to me

Deadpan Snarker - From time to time
Large Ham - I've been trying to deny it, but now I've accepted it

I've also made some characters, but haven't really been updating them. Here are some tropes that apply to them as of now -

Deadpan Snarker\\ It's fun for her... even if many don't think it's funny. Anti-Hero\\ "What's in it for me?" Heroic Sociopath\\ It doesn't matter if you didn't do anything. Get in her way, you're toast. Jerk with a Heart of Gold\\ She does care... but likes to appear not to.


Well-Intentioned Extremist\\ He does believe so heavily in man-made climate change, he won't listen to anyone saying otherwise. Anvilicious\\ He tries to be, anyway. Knight Templar\\ He sometimes thinks the murders of a few justifies the cause. A God Am I\\ He gradually becomes this...

The Ditz Beware the Nice Ones - Piss her off JUST enough...


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