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Oh, what is one to do?

Mr.C Mlo, here. I'm a part-time Cloudcuckoolander who would fit the role of The Chick in a Five-Man Band. Now if only I could find four others. :p

I'm not much of an editor. I just like to touch up a few things, add a few examples, y'know... Little things. Though sometimes I get bored.

My favorite band is They Might Be Giants, and I was very pleased to discover that they were the unofficial band of this wiki.


I'm most likely to be seen adding video game or cartoon examples, though I also have been known to pick up a book or rent a movie. I also enjoy the bounty these good internets provide. I enjoy following Ebony, Sonichu, and The Gonterverse (just to name a few) as they crash through whatever medium they can find, destroying all logic and decency. I love chaos in small doses.

My favorite trope would probably be So Bad, It's Good. Or Your Mileage May Vary. A good deal of fun can be had with the right YMMV...

My least favorite trope is Double Standard. I just find so many cases where it works against everyone.

My Berserk Button trope is probably Isn't It Ironic?, though not when it happens, but when people make a big deal about it. When you have to go to great lengths to tell somebody they're dumb for not using a word properly, you're just being a pompous jerk. C'mon people, we're all fallable. Lighten up.


I guess that's all there is to it. Feel free to... I don't know. Whatever it is tropers do with each other.


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