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Describe AwayLaughing here.

Away Laughing is a fairly standard troper of the history-geek-never-leaving-school-ever persuasion, who lives in the incredibly overcast Maritimes of Canada.

She's also desperately friendly and always willing to talk to someone, especially now that she's between educational levels, and sadly without an income. She's also as polite as she can possibly manage and usually upbeat, but she's also only human, so forgive her on the days she's snippy.

Away can be found in Writer's Block, the RP forums or World Building, and sometimes on Yack Fest but only if she's really bored.

She'd list things she enjoys but that's a rather lot, so the things that stand out are probably all things JRR Tolkien, various RPGs, cats and tea.

If, for some reason you're so inclined, feel free to vandalize this page or add tropes but please do so below the line, if you don't mind.

  • I am pleased to see another Tolkien fan. Cheers! -desdendelle
    • It occurred to me I should reply to these! So hey, shame that never really panned out, isn't it? At any rate, it was great meeting you!
  • Great minds, Away. Great minds. -BetsyandtheFiveAvengers
    • Our talents are wasted, my dear.
  • I saw your signature, did a Spit Take, and spent about five minutes laughing. I'm now obligated to vandalize. -Morgulion
    • Inspiring a Spit Take? I'm happier about that than I should be - thank you!
  • I, as well, adore that signature. It basically sums up about half of the play in three words. That aside... HI, AWAY! —JHM
    • It does, doesn't it. AND HI J!
  • So, you say goodbye by laughing? - Amused Troper Guy
    • By and large, though I try to do it after the other person/people. Unless someone has died. Then it would be a tad inappropriate.
  • Sorry, is your name Away Laughing or AwayLaughing? - Arcane Azmadi
    • and one thousand years later, you get your answer - no spaces.