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Describe Archbass here.

... why, yes. Do describe Archbass here.

Hello? Hello? Anyone there? Is he throwing words into a void of incomprehensible magnitude, where stories go to die on the writer's chopping block? Uh ... right! What is he supposed to be saying here? Is this thing on? Okay, okay. Good...introductions, introductions...they are fabulous. M'yes!

He is Archbass,the high priest of fish, the harbinger of sushi, and a genre-savvy troper and fiction author. His interpretations of fiction are at times a bit nonsequitur and out-there ((of course, his edits do show it if his page has not shown it)), but then again who on this wiki has nothing of that sort? Has he... ... yes, yes...


Yes, he's a total newb. Yes, yes, yes...

What does he enjoy?

... Perhaps he should be editing things rather than gushing on his own pages. He'll be back, naturally...


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