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Alchemyprime (sometimes Alchemy Prime if he's feeling rather Autobot-y) Tends to do a whole lot of blogging on his so-called Omniblog or posting irreverent videos on his YouTube channel. Has also started a few Let's Play style videos, but technical difficulties threw a spanner in the works on those.

Tends to write about games such as [[Pathfinder]], D&D or Mutants & Masterminds. He has also worked on the second edition of [1] from Deep7 games. He is also currently working on his own Superhero universe, the Alchemy Universe, through fiction and character bios at the moment.

And ever present lurker of Tropes, and a bit too genre savvy for his own good (often forgetting he's not fictional. He thinks...)

Should probably hang out with Buttercupistiny and Aondeug more often.

Tropes explaining Alchemyprime:

Brilliant, but Lazy: But what troper isn't?

Crack Pairing: Some of this tropers female friends like to write slash of him and Linkara. Linkara, if you're reading this, it scares me too...

DC Nation: Been a member there since Early 2010. Currently on a leave of absence due to schooling and personal projects, but would love to return.

Pungeon Master: He's always up for a good play on words.

Zutara: With ButtercupIsTiny mostly from her grandmother...