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Trivia / Zacherley

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  • Channel Hop: Four times over the course of the show's eight years:
    • From WCAU-TV in Philadelphia hosting Shock Theater to New York City's WABC-TV in 1958, where the show was eventually renamed Zacherley at Large, following the purchase of WCAU by CBS...
    • From WABC to Secaucus, New Jersey's WOR-TV in 1960, where at Large continued until...
    • 1963, when he took over WPIX's Chiller Theatre; he ended his run as a horror host there in 1965.
    • And during that time, he was also hosting Disc-O-Teen for WNJU-TV.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The series itself only ever got one home video release (in the form of 1998's The Zacherley Archives, and even this is out of print.


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