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Trivia / When Pandora's Box Is Opened

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  • Outdated by Canon: Inevitable, given how long the source material has - and continues to - run. The story is even headed by a helpful note that it's only canon-compliant up to File 698.note  However, said source material's strong Status Quo Is God tendencies, coupled with its gleeful abuse of Comic-Book Time, results in only two notable deviations:
    • Bourbon is depicted as a throwaway Syndicate agent whom Akai kills offscreen. Interestingly, this story has him as the original identity of Subaru Okiya, with Akai taking over his identity after the fact (the Okiya-Akai connection had already been hashed out by the fans years before the manga "officially" revealed it, but the exact details were still muddled).
    • Ano Kata, the head of the Syndicate is an Original Character (with the codename Red Rum) instead of Renya Carasuma, but Carasuma is still depicted as a Syndicate member of great wealth and prestige (until he got caught Stealing from the Till and executed in grand style). Seems the author took stock in all those crow motifs being flung around at Sunset Manor.

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